Yank On: Penmanship in the Digital Age


I had to write a note in a Christmas card yesterday. The finished product looked like it was written by a heavily intoxicated right-handed person with a broken right hand. It was awful and I was hesitant to even put the card in the mail.

I’ve never had great penmanship, but I also realize that I never actually write anything anymore. I don’t journal – I blog. I don’t write letters – I email. I don’t even write a list when I go to the store – I use the Notes app on my iPhone.

The only thing I ever write out is my signature when I have to sign for a purchase by credit card.

It’s still very important for me to have decent penmanship and I can’t stand how unprofessional it looks when I do have to write the rare note or card. I’d like to see what I can do to improve. That primarily includes more practice.

A few questions for you:

Has anyone purchased the Evernote Smart Moleskine Notebook? I’m curious how well it would work to do a lot of my blogging in written format, scan the page(s), and then upload to Evernote which can then transcribe the text for indexing. Is that text exportable? I think writing on a regular basis would certainly help.

Does anyone have any recommendations on books, courses, or exercises to help improve penmanship? Maybe I just need to sit in with my kids during their reading/writing sessions (we homeschool). Seriously, my 7 year-old has better penmanship than I do.

Maybe I should have been a doctor?


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