Yank On: WordPress, Tumblr, Opinions, and This Blog

As if my other blogs aren’t neglected enough, I’ve decided to launch another one. I’ve found that I have way too many opinions and observations on a variety of topics to try to fit them into my web-related Lift Development blog or my work-from-anywhere blog, AnywhereMan. My wife and I keep a family blog as well but that’s for close family and friends.

No, the point of Yank On will be to house every random thought, interesting find, and recommendation that doesn’t make sense to post elsewhere. There’s no central niche topic that this site revolves around. My goal is not to generate a ton of traffic or make money.┬áIt’s strictly a platform for me to write and share. It gives me a little more space and flexibility to expand on topics than what I can communicate through Twitter or Facebook.

The other point is for me to write more and own my own content. In the past I’ve tried to use a Tumblr blog to accomplish what I’m trying to do here but I just never liked the format, the posting process, or the hoops that you have to jump through to set up an easy discussion platform. I recognize that Tumblr is a popular platform, but I’m so accustomed to WordPress and the fact that I can backup and store all of my own content that I decided to do a quick install for this site.

WordPress 3.5 was just released yesterday and I’m also wanting to take the new Twenty Twelve theme for a spin so that’s the theme I’m launching this blog on initially. It’ll look like a lot of other blogs but that’s okay since this one is not about a design or brand.

The initial list of topics in the site navigation can and will change as things take shape, but I just wanted to get a few in place regarding things I think I’ll be writing about. Who knows? Maybe this will become a food blog or a place to document my home-improvement projects. It could really be anything, and that’s what I like about it: It will evolve.

Thanks for checking out the new site and come back soon for a wide variety of topics and discussions from yours truly.

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