A true story of laziness

My wife and I were having a conversation earlier this week about remembering certain events from our teenage years. My wife has an amazing memory for things like that. I, on the other hand, am horrible about remembering details from things that happened twenty years ago…or even last month.

I told Sarah that I think her memory is better because she has journaled more than I have over time. If you write it down, you’re more likely to remember it.

I admitted that I’ve tried to journal in the past but it never lasts.

I even signed up for a super simple service called Oh Life a few years ago that sends me an email every night. It asks how my day was and all I have to do is reply. It can be as short as a single sentence. How easy is that?

Yet I never reply. I’ve been getting these emails for almost three years and I never reply. It’s pathetic.

Even more pathetic is that I’m too lazy to just unsubscribe. It’s like part of me ignores the fact that I haven’t replied to these emails in years and there’s a chance that tomorrow I’m suddenly going to reply and it’s going to kick off a big run of daily journaling.

You never know.

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