Intentionally putting myself out there more

The past year has been a time of stepping back a little bit. I’ve barely blogged. I officially stopped updating AnywhereMan.  Brian Casel and I decided to end our Freelance Jam podcast early last year. I haven’t participated in as many of the conversations or events that are part of my profession (WordPress, design, etc.). I’m still tweeting, instagramming, etc, but my foot has been off of the gas pedal.

One reason is I’ve just been really busy with client work and the day-to-day of running my own business. But even when I’m busy, I usually find time to do the things I want to be doing. I’ve intentionally given myself a chance to examine what I’ve put out there publicly in the past.

You know what? I need to get back to putting myself out there more again. And not just with things that relate to my professional life, but with a lot more of the personal stuff, especially hobbies.

I play guitar. A lot. I lead worship several Sundays every month at our church. I’ve now built a few effects pedals and am planning to build an amp from scratch. I buy/sell/trade guitars like a madman. I need to start putting more of that out there and connect with more folks in that same sphere.

I am obsessed with vinyl records…old and new…popular and obscure. My kids even get excited when Daddy brings home some new or new-to-us vinyl. It’s a total blast. I need to find ways to put this passion of mine out there more and connect with other vinyl-loving folks.

I’m a father and husband who also runs his own business. There’s plenty I could blog about, share, etc. to help build relationships and learn from other guys who are in this same scenario.

In contrast to my technology-driven career, I love getting away from it all and spending time in the canoe or camping in the woods. It’s really good for the soul and I’m refreshed every time I have a chance to get away. Sharing some of my adventures or reflections with others online could lead to more opportunities to connect with folks in real life.

And yes, I need to put more of my career-related work and knowledge out there as well. I tend to get in inferiority moods where I think I don’t have much to offer, but deep down I know every “expert” has that same complex. And if you don’t, you’re a terrible person. Ha! But really, I need to share not only more of my final products, but much more of the process itself.

So this is a challenge to myself: You will hear more from me. It will probably be a wide array of topics, but that is the point.

And you just never know when a connection made through a mutual interest might also create a professional opportunity.

What else could you be putting out there that you’re not right now?

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